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Posted by metalsmith32 - July 6th, 2010

i seriously made new art! its the avatar in celebration of hus new movie, (this was before i learned the moie sucked) i wont be submitting it to newgrounds yet because of the file format but you can always see i on deviantart. my username is metalsmith32.i will soon hope to convert it to a file acceptable by the art portal. but yeah ITS FINISHED. i can make a peice of artwork in the time it takes someone to make a flash movie...dont i feel wonderful.

but yeah, look forward to that and thats the last peice of art ill be doing for awhile untill i get scouted, i know im not allowed to ASK to be scouted...but...*slides $10 acroos the table towards you* it beleive it would benefit us both...:)

later peeps, bye!

Posted by metalsmith32 - June 12th, 2010

its just awful in this storm, my girlfreind is is in a korean jail, sonic is making sex games and my fingernails is bleeding. its just awful.

Posted by metalsmith32 - April 30th, 2010

HAPPY PICO DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also ive decided to give up the art thing i cannot just take the time out of my life 2 do it. i used 2 have the time but now i dont so i regret doing it but really i know nobody cars i haent even been scouted and nobody visits my page.

Posted by metalsmith32 - January 13th, 2010

well been a long time sience an update, cause havent been doing much work


i finally got some progress on the new art which is AWESOME. but and i am continuing 2 work on it as well, i am not going 2 cancle it or anything. and although i may be late to the party but one little thing. for x-mas i got and x-box 360, brutal legends and some other games. and brutal legends was the best danmed game i played all year, modern warfare 2 at a close 2nd because modern warfare 2 really shined in multiplayer like most call of duty games. so if you dont have brutal legends yet, if you like action with a little bit of stradigy get it! especialy if you're a heavy metal fan!

but that aside, more about the art.
sience i havent been scouted yet and theres like 3 people if even that that visit my page, i am totally unmotivated. and the exams, the girl, the x-box and some other stuff is just more important, i will try 2 work on it when i get the chance.

that's pretty much it for now.

Posted by metalsmith32 - November 16th, 2009

i'll make this as short as possible:

NEW ART rayman just in time for his latest game. i'm only going to submit one more piece of art untill i get scouted. then i'll be more motivated to make this stuff. also i'm considering to upgrading to REAL art. not sur i'd sure like to but i'm not very good at it i'll try to get like a tutorial with the software i buy to make it. and i make 10 bucks a week and my parents want to hold out on me and wait 2 months to give t to me and deduct a week or two's worth.

and i'm on world of warcraft all the time trying to keep up with a freind. and school and my parents are right up my ass so far i can taste it. not to mention i'm freakin lazy. so not a whole lot of free time to work on this stuff. and just to let you guys know, for my next art i'm doing toon link. already got a raft of the desighn and just need to transfer it to he cuputer screen color it and add a backround. so it's 25% done. i've got a few other desighns but one thing at a time

k peeps byez.

edit: i just got an AMAZING girlfreind so thats really gunna hurt production :(. oh well does anyone even actually visit my page? lol

Posted by metalsmith32 - October 24th, 2009

well AN UPDATE! i`m not sure if i said this but for my next pic, i`ll be doing rayman, the crazy bunny with a plunger. as for my progress i`m almost done. technechaly i am but i kinda want to improve the backround. nothing major though. also the reason my pics aren`t the best quality is i use paint. NOT AS IN PICASSO PAINT(the previous capitolizing was from the socioty of telling things to stupid assholes.) the computer program. it`s pretty standard and if the portal accepted 32-bit map imagesit would`ve been better quality. i don`t see an upgrade anytime soon either. also time been an issue with school and all. since i`m off all thanksgiving week i`m hoping to get it done then.

that`s pretty much it. k stop reading.

Posted by metalsmith32 - October 15th, 2009

welp, the pic is up. truth be told i had alot of fun making it so i'm probably going to make more. hope you liked the art and will like more of my work in the future. but if the pic just has a FLAT OUT TERRIBLE SCORE i'm probably going to take it out. not much more to say.

Posted by metalsmith32 - October 5th, 2009

welp, this is something i did in my spare time, and i thought "hey,why not put this on newgrounds"? but i don't know.is it a good picture,will other people like it? you decide! please comment with your thoughts, should i post this,should i not,it needs work,it's perfect, you seriusly think people care your a dumbshit, ANYTHING WILL HELP.so yeah comment with your thoughts.
edit:sorry about the quality. i'll try to fix it.

should i post this?

Posted by metalsmith32 - September 14th, 2009

hello world.this is my user page.but i have no intention of making flash movies. nor audio. MABY art because i like drawing and design but not enough to make cartoons.plus i'm below average at drawing. i cant even get a good charactor body and i find it difficult to draw hands. i use sprites. so yeah don't waste your life waiting for something from me.well enjoy my favorites of reviews or whatever you came to my page for