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a few things

2009-11-16 18:14:05 by metalsmith32

i'll make this as short as possible:

NEW ART rayman just in time for his latest game. i'm only going to submit one more piece of art untill i get scouted. then i'll be more motivated to make this stuff. also i'm considering to upgrading to REAL art. not sur i'd sure like to but i'm not very good at it i'll try to get like a tutorial with the software i buy to make it. and i make 10 bucks a week and my parents want to hold out on me and wait 2 months to give t to me and deduct a week or two's worth.

and i'm on world of warcraft all the time trying to keep up with a freind. and school and my parents are right up my ass so far i can taste it. not to mention i'm freakin lazy. so not a whole lot of free time to work on this stuff. and just to let you guys know, for my next art i'm doing toon link. already got a raft of the desighn and just need to transfer it to he cuputer screen color it and add a backround. so it's 25% done. i've got a few other desighns but one thing at a time

k peeps byez.

edit: i just got an AMAZING girlfreind so thats really gunna hurt production :(. oh well does anyone even actually visit my page? lol


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