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new art update

2009-10-24 00:18:59 by metalsmith32

well AN UPDATE! i`m not sure if i said this but for my next pic, i`ll be doing rayman, the crazy bunny with a plunger. as for my progress i`m almost done. technechaly i am but i kinda want to improve the backround. nothing major though. also the reason my pics aren`t the best quality is i use paint. NOT AS IN PICASSO PAINT(the previous capitolizing was from the socioty of telling things to stupid assholes.) the computer program. it`s pretty standard and if the portal accepted 32-bit map imagesit would`ve been better quality. i don`t see an upgrade anytime soon either. also time been an issue with school and all. since i`m off all thanksgiving week i`m hoping to get it done then.

that`s pretty much it. k stop reading.


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