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2010-01-13 20:58:49 by metalsmith32

well been a long time sience an update, cause havent been doing much work


i finally got some progress on the new art which is AWESOME. but and i am continuing 2 work on it as well, i am not going 2 cancle it or anything. and although i may be late to the party but one little thing. for x-mas i got and x-box 360, brutal legends and some other games. and brutal legends was the best danmed game i played all year, modern warfare 2 at a close 2nd because modern warfare 2 really shined in multiplayer like most call of duty games. so if you dont have brutal legends yet, if you like action with a little bit of stradigy get it! especialy if you're a heavy metal fan!

but that aside, more about the art.
sience i havent been scouted yet and theres like 3 people if even that that visit my page, i am totally unmotivated. and the exams, the girl, the x-box and some other stuff is just more important, i will try 2 work on it when i get the chance.

that's pretty much it for now.


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