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Entry #9

deaviant art

2010-07-06 15:27:18 by metalsmith32

i seriously made new art! its the avatar in celebration of hus new movie, (this was before i learned the moie sucked) i wont be submitting it to newgrounds yet because of the file format but you can always see i on deviantart. my username is metalsmith32.i will soon hope to convert it to a file acceptable by the art portal. but yeah ITS FINISHED. i can make a peice of artwork in the time it takes someone to make a flash movie...dont i feel wonderful.

but yeah, look forward to that and thats the last peice of art ill be doing for awhile untill i get scouted, i know im not allowed to ASK to be scouted...but...*slides $10 acroos the table towards you* it beleive it would benefit us both...:)

later peeps, bye!


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